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Winter and Spring, 2015

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A COLORADO GARDEN THAT'S EASY AND NUTRITIOUS--As a longtime Colorado gardener, Iíve prided myself on plump heirloom tomatoes, delicate lettuces frilled and ruffled, Italian eggplants with glistening alabaster skins and large sweet onions. Our climate challenges these beautiful vegetables. Hail, steep drops in temperatures or soaring summer heat hinders the most intrepid gardener. And it may be the wrong approach to good nutrition as well. After I read Jo Robinsonís book Eating on the Wild Side, I decided to take a new look at what I am growing and why.


ANNUAL SEEDS: Whether youíre a frugal gardener, a lover of bees and butterflies, a conservationist, or an experimental gardener--annual seeds will form the backbone of your garden. For the frugal, sowing seeds is less expensive than nearly any other approach to gardening. A few dollars will seed a meadow, grow edibles and feed the bees.


HEARTY SALADS WITH WHOLE GRAINS: Wed whole grains to fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits for a hearty lunch or quick dinner. Take them to potlucks, deliver one to a sick friend or pack a few for a picnic. Whole grains stand up to time, are fast to assemble and accompany nearly any other menu item. Here is a blueprint for making a variety of whole grain salads that match a cuisine you love.


GARDEN SOUPS--Soups transform garden produce in the freezer or pantry into extravagant lunches. Companion veggies you love that fit well together, choose favorite spices or herbs, a broth of your choice. Cook until soft and blend. Lunch is ready. Here are two soups: one based on cauliflower, the other on winter squash.



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